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Danielle Breezy Website And Danielle Breezy Leadership Info 2023 is our today’s topic. Do you know what a meteorologist is and what their job entails? A meteorologist is a specialist who forecasts the weather or climate of a location.

Danielle Breezy Website And Danielle Breezy Leadership Info

You’ve probably seen them on every news network. Utilizing a physical map on their desktop to notice the weather, severe rainfall, or a storm in a certain location or region. Let’s take a look at one of the most well-known meteorologists in the United States: Danielle Breezy, chief meteorologist for WKRN News 2. Let us

This Danielle Breezy website has more information about her.

Danielle Breezy, Who Are You?

Danielle Breezy Cornell is a reputable meteorologist who works as a lead meteorologist for WKRN News 2. She also serves on the American Meteorological Society’s Board of Broadcast. She set down in the Nashville area in 2020.


Danielle Breezy Cornell was born on July 16th; her birth year is unknown in Philadelphia, and she is a US citizen. She was determined to be a meteorologist when a regional meteorologist visited her campus for a weather chat on Danielle Breezy’s website. Let us look at Danielle Breezy’s educational background.

Danielle Breezy Education:

Danielle Breezy attended pre-college in Philadelphia. She studied atmospheric science at Cornell University. She also studied in Oklahoma City, Boston, Dallas, and Salisbury, and eventually settled in Nashville. She is also a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM).

Danielle Breezy Cornell Private Life:

Danielle Breezy is a private individual; no information is available about her parents or siblings. Nonetheless, on June 24, 2016, she married Joe Breezy, a radio anchor for Midday Hot 106.7, and they have a lovely daughter, Lucy.

Let’s move on to Danielle Breezy’s wealth, income, or net worth on Danielle Breezy Website. Her estimated net worth as a meteorologist is annual pay fluctuates from $45,000 to $110,500.

Active Social Worker: Danielle Breezy Career

Despite her introverted nature, she is a dedicated social worker. She is a representative for the Nashville St Jude Dream Home Campaign. The American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, and the Nashville Humane Association were also participating. Stops frequently at college and encourages children to pursue a profession in math and science.

Let’s also have a look at the well-known meteorologist Danielle Breezy. Who is frequently seen updating on her social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

  • 62k followers on Facebook
  • Instagram has a total of 24k followers.

Danielle Breezy is a well-known meteorologist, an active social worker, and an American Emmy contender. She has dabbled in every field she can find. Bring a private individual. She’s supposed to catch a variety of folks with her functions and solutions. Follow Danielle Breezy website to learn more about her.

In Danielle Breezy’s eighth grade, a local meteorologist inspired her to become a meteorologist. She went on to become the chief meteorologist for WKRN News 2. She is not just a well-known meteorologist, but also an engaged social worker who contributes to society. Hope you enjoy reading our article Danielle Breezy Website And Danielle Breezy Leadership Info.

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