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How To Apply Highlighter? What Is The Highlighter In Cosmetics? 2023 Many people are probably aware of the fact that such how to apply highlighter is in cosmetics. It is a modern tool for highlighting specific areas of the face and body. It emphasizes the relief of people to disguise fine lines, visually refresh the skin and give it an attractive shine. Applying a highlighter can visually improve the nose and lips’ shape and secure cheekbones high and eyes sharp and strong. In tandem with this cosmetic product is often used bronzer that gives the skin a tanned appearance. How to apply highlighter to get the desired effect? This is discussed in this article.

How To Apply Highlighter? What Is The Highlighter In Cosmetics

How To Apply Highlighter? What Is The Highlighter In Cosmetics

Highlighter At Bronzer

How to apply bronzer and highlighter? If the first agent brightens selected areas of the face, the second is creating to mimic or emphasizes the natural tan. Bronzer is glossy and matte. Brilliant is also used as a blush, and matte is helpful to adjust the shape of the face, for example, to hide an eyelid bronzer and highlighter used for sculpting the face, giving him a buzz and expressiveness.

The Choice Of Funds

First of all, cosmetic needs to choose wisely. It’s not so simple. Some highlighters shine too much, and others are too rich pink. Through trial and error, you can select a product that is right for you.

Highlighter is liquid, creamy, in the form of balls or compact powder. Sold-tubes brush with balls or powder inside. For owners of normal and dry skin will suit and cream liquid funds. If adequately applied highlighter, a person will feel a little wet. It is best for girls with rolled or oily skin to use compact types of decorative cosmetics – powders or pellets. They have a matte effect.

Preparing For Applying Makeup

First, it is necessary to align the skin tone, which needs to impose on him the basis and foundation. Then moisten the lip’s unique balm. Bruises and circles under the eyes mask the proofreader. Her color is chosen according to the shades of the problem areas. Purple circles better cover the yellow color. Reddish-green, blue circles are best-masked orange. Do not apply too thick a corrector. It will give an unnatural makeup look. Older women fit unique concealers, have a fine texture, and often contain moisturizing substances beneficial for mature skin under the eyes. Teen girls can make ordinary creams.

Main Application Punto

Around the Eyes

How to apply a highlighter under the eyes? Refresh the look and disguise signs of fatigue, causing particles on top of the reflective effect of the corrector. You can set a small highlight under the eyebrows. This bar will perform the eyes look wider open. However, if you are

Hanging forever, it is better to skip a step. The extent under the eyebrow will complete the need more visible.


To visually adjust the close-set eyes, apply a highlighter to the inner corner. This technique will make the eyes shine. If the watch is placed too far the other way around, put a little highlight on the middle nose. If you hold a highlighter in the middle of the rolling century, small, narrow, or deep-set eyes become more expressive.


The favorite of the reception makeup artist is to place reflective particles on the upper point of the cheekbones. It instantly makes an oval face more expressive face and gives the skin radiance and clarity. Here’s the main point do not overdo it. Do not apply a method for the entire vast area of the cheekbones and cheeks, or the glitter on your face will start to become bright.


If you require attention to the center of the face, it can cause a glare behind the nose. This will make it more elegant, but one must remember that if the nose has the slightest curvature, how to apply a highlighter will make this flaw more noticeable. If you want to raise the nose visually, apply thin, subtle highlights around his lateral part.

Ok Good

A thin line drawing highlighter along the upper lip contour makes it expressive and relieved. Neat highlights in the middle of the lower lip will give it extra volume, and your smile will be irresistible.


How to use a highlighter on the chin to perform it more significantly? Enough to put a neat little patch of light in the middle of the lower part of the face. A too-prominent chin highlight highlighter is not necessary.

Neckline Area

In the summer season, a seductive shine highlighter emphasizes the graceful curves of your neck and neck. Especially effective means tanned skin looks. How to apply highlighter to the area, use the sizeable broad brush.


Highlighter for the face and body made by many healthy known brands. The cosmetic product “Shimmer” by Collistar contains four colors: white, bronze, gold, and pink. Mixing primary colors can create a delicate half-tone that suits your skin.

Means Makeup Forever

Uplight has a relatively thick consistency and two types of content: more extensive and more sequins.

Radiant Base

Make-up base Illumination has an excellent moisturizing effect. It is also applied to a dry skin-like pitch. This liquid highlighter is resistant and looks very natural on her face. It has two primary colors – pink and gold and pearls. A unique and irreplaceable product is a tool.

MAC Cream Color Base

It can be used as a foundation and as a highlighter perfect pearlescent shade.


Implement it on the protruding spines of the face and immediately get the wanted effect.


What is a highlighter in cosmetics? This tool is designed to highlight individual zones on the face. Reflective particles provide light shining skin, which will make your natural beauty more attractive. It is no need to emphasize the highlighter in all these areas. This year acquires an unnatural glossy sheen that it does not decorate. How to implement a highlighter on problem skin? This should be done with great caution because the tool does not mask the shortcomings, but on the contrary, makes it even more visible to others. Hope you enjoy reading our article How To Apply Highlighter? What Is The Highlighter In Cosmetics?

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