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Krivatory Com Online Shopping Krivatory.Com Reviews 2023 is our today’s topic. Do you want to discover the original Krivatory Website Reviews? Hold on, and we’ll provide you with all the facts you need to convince you about your website. And clear up any doubts-Krivators offers women’s gowns that are popular in India.

Krivatory Com Online Shopping Krivatory.Com Reviews 2022

Because the site provides so many discounts and promotional coupons. He raises the question of whether the site is genuine. And legitimate or a different moniker on the SCAM Site list. Let us examine the customer’s experience.

What Exactly Is Krivatory Com Online Shopping?

Krivatory com is an online store that sells designer gowns for ladies at a low cost. When we opened Reviews of Krivatory com. We discovered that the website offers a 70% discount on any outfit. The website offers a variety of outfits for any occasion.

On this page, you can view the top suits for women known in India. And after clicking “On Sale,” you can see different deals and discounted price coveralls.

What Makes Krivatory Com Stand Out?

  • You may get dresses from this website for a price range of RS.699-799.
  • A variety of outfits for various events.
  • Dresses come with a bundle that includes two dresses for the price of one.


According to Krivatory com, there is a precise specification about this site.

  • The URL is
  • [email protected] e-mail address
  • New Delhi office address: WZ-14, Bagh Punjabi
  • Phone: 9319092830
  • The website provides a 15-day window for returning and replacing any merchandise.
  • Products purchased from are shipped within 1-2 days. And you can stay up with product updates since the firm provides shipment. And tracking information to your e-mail and message.
  • The website delivers clothes all around India.


  • According to Krivatory, overalls are price.
  • According to Krivatory com reviews, the website offers a 70% discount on all objects and dresses.
  • A variety of suits are available.
  • The website has a bulletin area that will notify you of any new product changes.
  • The “For Sales” section displays outfits that are on sale.


  • Only a small number of goods are available.
  • No other information on the website has been provided.
  • There is no prior experience the customer discovered on the website

Is It Legal To Use

When we take everything into account, such as the study we conducted. And the information acquired by Reviews of Krivatory com. We discovered some facts that will dispel your concerns about the site.

  • Krivators is six days old.
  • When we looked at the trust result, we saw that it was only 2%.
  • There is no information on this page that is a must.
  • The return policy and postal order policy are only on paper.
  • There is no information about the firm in the About Us section.
  • The images used on websites are stolen.

Based on the information gathered, we can conclude that the site is not legitimate. And is the next page of committing deception to get money and customer information

Krivatory.Com Reviews 2023.

Customers that enjoy a product will always leave a review to share their thoughts about it. There are no customer reviews available for Krivatorics. This page has received no reviews. Because the site is only six days old and the trust result is only 2%, it is reasonable to assume that this is a scam site.

The return policy is copy & paste, and customer support is unresponsive. So it is reasonable to assume that it will stay away from these types of sites. Because they are only a small percentage of the internet industry.


According to the info presented in Krivatorycom’s assessment. The party is not legitimate or trustworthy. Some points place this site on the SCAM list. Such as KOPLEED pictured, having limited items, no social media link, and no customer review on the official website.

And the “About us” part being copied and pasted from other sites. All these data points to a website that is a hoax. Have you ordered a dress from this website? Share your story in the comments area to help others from becoming victims of this website. Hope you enjoy reading our article Krivatory Com Online Shopping Krivatory.Com Reviews 2023.

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