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Top 8 Travel Requirements For Green List Countries 2023. The current global situation of Covid-19 is worse. Based on the traffic light system, the government defines traveling rules which means international travel will no longer be illegal. Travelers returning from green-list countries to Northern Ireland do not need to be quarantined.

Top 8 Travel Requirements For Green List Countries

as long as Covid-19 is not possible. It is necessary to take a pre-pre-departure test. If the test is negative, then no need to quarantine or self-isolation on their return but still have to be tested before their return. Buy any travel accessory or book your trip at amazing discounts by using DealMeCoupon.

Top 8 Travel Requirements For Green List Countries


To travel to the green list country, you must fulfill the entire travel requirements for a safe and secure journey. The following are the most important travel requirements s

  1. Government’s health team’s approval
  2. Travel form submission
  3. Apply through a valid permit company
  4. Must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result in three days to travel
  5. Vaccination
  6. BVI Gateway Traveller Authorization Certificate
  7. Have a COVID-19 PCR test
  8. Complete a passenger locator form on arrival or in the 48 hours before arrival
  9. Last-minute preparation

Government’s Health Team Approval

GoGovernmentealth team approval is the most important travel requirement. For this approval, you can apply online on the government’s website. You must provide your COVID-19 test reports and evidence that you are vaccinated. If the government gives you approval, then you are eligible to travel to the green list country. Otherwise, you can’t travel from your country to any other country. If anyone tries to do this, he must be fined.

Travel Form Submission

After getting approval from Government’s health team, you can take and fill the travel form that includes:

  • Evidence of Government’s health team approval
  • Details of your journey
  • Contact details
  • Your name
  • Reason to travel
  • Stay duration

All these information details determine the traveling purpose and make a green list country to determine your intention to come to their country more clearly.

Valid Permit Company

Choose the right travel company that has permission from foreign agencies to provide tour services to the public. Illegal companies have specific certificates as proof. If you travel illegally or to a company that does not have a valid permit, you could be punished for this as it is a criminal act. You must take care of this aspect as it will create problems for you afterward.

Pre-departure Testing

Three days before your journey, you take a COVID-19 test. This rule is for all people aged 11 and over. If you travel on Monday, you must take a test on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. You must have proof of your negative test. If you don’t have one, you are not allowed to travel. If you travel without The COVID-19 test, you could be punished, as this is considered a crime. If you are recovering from COVID-19, then you have evidence of your proper recovery and detailed test results with  clearly mentioned dates and time

Information That The Test Result Must Include:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth or age
  • The result of the test
  • The date the test sample was collected
  • Test provider name and contact information


Even if your COVID-19 test is negative, you must be properly vaccinated before travel. In this way, you have no chance to be affected by the travel country. You will be saving after your travel and back to your country. You must have a proper certificate as evidence you have done dozens of COVID-19 vaccines. This certificate will be checked at the airport or in different places during the journey. You can travel for 2 weeks after vaccination.

BVI Gateway Traveller Authorization Certificate

You must have a BVI Gateway Traveller Authorization Certificate before travel that will be submitted 48 hours before travel. Each and everyone has this certificate from the airline authorities. You apply to airline authority to obtain this certificate, especially before traveling to a British island. To get this certificate, you must have a valid passport. The airline authority first conducts an interview and then provides a BVI gateway travel authorization certificate

Post-arrival Testing

COVID-19 PCR test must be booked before travel and taken on day two after you arrive. After arrival y, you do not need to isolate yourself less if the test results are positive. If the test is positive, then you must isolate yourselves for at least 15 days. This test is the most important travel requirement so you must book this before travel. You can book a private test from a private company, but before travel, you must have booking details.

Passenger Locator Form

The passenger locator form contains information about passengers coming to the green list country. This form helps get information from incoming people prior. According to travel requirements, you must fill in and submit a Passenger locator form before the week of travel or before the last 48 hours that includes:

  • Details of your journey
  • Contact details
  • The address where you will isolate
  • Booking references for managed isolation and testing

Last-minute Preparation

At the end of the process, at the last minute to start the journey you have to check all the documentation you have to take with you. In this way, all your vaccine certificates, COVID-19 report, and all other things could be checked. You should make sure you must have all these. Along with this, you must take care of necessary prevention while traveling.

All these travel requirements are a must while traveling to the green list country. The green list country follows these travel requirements for the security and safety of the people. By following these travel requirements, you can make your travel more comfortable and secure in such a pandemic COVID-19 situation. Hope you enjoy reading our article Top 8 Travel Requirements For Green List Countries.

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